Transforming the ageing experience...

Our vision

Living the ‘good life’

Inspired by transforming the ageing experience, we have challenged ourselves to develop a community that has been thoughtfully designed provide living spaces that are truly connected with the greater community. Connectivity and the attitude of living well has been considered from the outset.

Villas will be built in small clusters, orientated to the sun with green areas in the centre to give residents a real neighbourhood feel.

The Arvida Centre will be the front door of our vibrant community with retail spaces, café, gym and pool. Use the cycle trails and pathways designed for everyone to enjoy, including family and friends of the village.

Rather than a gated community, we’re an open one! We welcome visitors, friends and family to come and enjoy our company, share our facilities and help maintain our local connections.

Discover the attitude of living well

lady with veges
Woman in pool with goggles
Man with dog
A wellness club with café, gym and pool as well as cycle trails and pathways and much more.