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The attitude of living well...

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Living Well
at Waimea Plains

Together with leading New Zealand and Australian architects, we’ve designed a place that encourages greater connection to the wider community and one that provides services and value.

Villas will be grouped in small clusters; generating warm, social and vibrant micro communities, informal pedestrian paths will link the village internally via green spaces to resident facilities and wider community.

A new vision for retirement 

Living well and doing what you love

How would you like to continue to live well in retirement, feeling a sense of pride and purpose in your life? At Waimea Plains, we’re bringing a fresh approach to retirement living in Nelson, breaking the mould of traditional villages. We want all our residents to feel younger for longer and actively engaged in life.


We want to see our communities flourish – where your family, friends, clubs and organisations become a cherished part of life at Waimea Plains. We want Waimea Plains to be a welcoming, inclusive part of the local community where the relationships and interests developed over a lifetime are treasured and nurtured. Where you have plenty of time to do what you love and continue to explore new things.

Discover the attitude of living well 

The Arvida Centre & Wellness Club

Our Arvida Centre will be the front door of our vibrant community with retail spaces, café, gym and pool along with cycle trails and pathways designed for everyone to use and enjoy, including family and friends of the village. We are not a gated community and will actively welcome visitors to Waimea Plains to share our company, buy our local produce and crafts and help keep us connected with the greater community. We anticipate sharing our knowledge and experience with local school kids through garden maintenance and crafts.


Our development process

Waimea Plains will be developed in several stages. Once complete, the community will include 160 two or three-bedroom villas and one-bedroom townhouses, 26 apartments and approximately 80 care suites. At the entrance to the village, next to Borck Creek will be the Arvida Centre, a retail precinct and wellness centre. Other facilities include a clubhouse for residents, along with a social hub on the bridge to be built over Poutama Stream. 

Stage one was completed in September 2019 and the first residents have well and truly moved in. 

Construction is now underway for the second stage of the Waimea Plains development. Stage two includes 25 two and three-bedroom villas.

Construction of the resident clubhouse has also commenced, and we are building a workshop/studio space near Poutama Stream. 

Stage two homes are now selling off the plans.

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